Risk Management in Scrum Projects: A Bibliometric Study

Breno G. Tavares, Carlos Eduardo S. da Silva, Adler D. de Souza


This article presents a bibliometric study of Risk Management in Scrum Projects. It was carried out an analysis involving the ISI Web of Knowledge and Scopus databases, identifying the main authors, countries and periodicals. It also identified the most cited authors by the analyzed articles, in addition to the keywords most frequently cited. These analyzes were performed using the reference maps, which were generated by CiteSpace® software, which offers a set of features to support bibliometrics. The objective was to identify the current scenario research of Risk Management applied in Scrum Projects in order to offer a consistent basis of information to researchers. The research verified that, despite the importance of the research topic, few scientific studies have been identified, which brings the need for new researches on the subject.


Bibliometric study, ISI Web of knowledge, Risk Management, Scrum, Scopus

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24138/jcomss.v13i1.241

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