PMD Study & Measurement – Fixed Analyzer Method

Rastislav Motuz, Petr Munster, Miloslav Filka


The paper theoretically describes Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD) which is important parameter in high-speed optical networks. Furthermore, compensation methods and measurement principles are presented. Main attention is given to Fixed Analyzer (FA) method that uses common research laboratory equipment in setup. We performed practical measurement of the PMD by using Optical Spectrum Analyzer (OSA) Anritsu MS9740A, in-line polarizers and a polarization controller. To verify the accuracy of measurements Reference Measurement (RM) using a modular platform EXFO FTB-200 in combination with CD/PMD module EXFO FTB-5700 was performed. Moreover, PMD etalons with defined values of delay was used for measurement. All results were evaluated in comparison with defined limit values.


PMD measurement, Fixed Analyzer method, fiber, polarization, dispersion, DGD

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