Security Enhancement in Cloud Environment using Secure Secret Key Sharing

Sakshi Chhabra, Ashutosh Kumar Singh


Cloud Computing has achieved long dreamed vision of developments in IT industry such as remote storage services or privacy solutions. It is a data storage model in which data is preserved, controlled and presented over the network users. However, cloud storage gives rise to security concerns. Preserving the secrecy in a group is one of the major research issue in cloud store. This paper is focused on Secure Secret Sharing (SSS) technique which is being recognized as one of the leading method to secure the sensitive data. The proposed methodology shares encrypted data over cloud and generated secret key is split into different parts are given to qualified participants (Qn) only which is analyzed by the index buffer and the malicious checkers. This malicious checker verifies the clients based on their previous performances, whether these users prove authorized participant or not. The key share is stored by trusted third party called Key handler (KH) i.e. an integrated approach for managing, reconstruction and decrypting the key’s shares. If Key Handler (KH) gets part > 80% of the secret key then cloud share their secret data to the owners and if KH gets part 90% of the key then cloud only shares one of the top secret. The Lagrange’s interpolation method is used to reconstruct the secret from shares. The authors have considered two benchmarks in our experiment for testing and analysis of the results. The performance is evaluated based on time consumption and probability computation to prove the efficacy of our algorithm. It shows the key generation time for 128 shares by more than 100 clients is 96.1265 ms and the computation time in the whole process is 1176.35 ms. The results show that our algorithm reduces the risks and improves the security upto 43.82% over all types of analysis for secure data sharing inclouds.


Secret Sharing; Cloud Security; Cloud Computing; Malicious attacker analysis; Secret Splitting

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