Asymptotic Analysis of Backlog Estimates for Dynamic Frame Aloha

Luca Barletta, Flaminio Borgonovo, Ilario Filippini


In this paper a new analysis is presented that allowsto investigate the asymptotic behavior of some backlog estimation procedures for Dynamic Frame Aloha (DFA) in Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) environment. Although efficiency e-1 can theoretically be reached, none of the solution proposed in the literature has been shown to reach such value. Here we analyze first the Schoute’s backlog estimate, which is very attractive for its simplicity, and formally show that its asymptotic efficiency is 0:311 for any finite initial frame length. Since the analysis shows how the Schoute’s estimate impairment can be avoided, wefurther propose the Asymptotic Efficient Estimate (AE2), an improvement of the Schoute’s one, that exploits the Frame Restart property of the standard and that is proved to asymptotically reach efficiency e-1.


RFID, DFA, DFSA, EPCglobal, Frame Aloha, Frame Restart, Tag Identification, Tag Estimate, Collision Resolution

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