Frequency Domain Backoff for Continuous Beamforming Space Division Multiple Access on Massive MIMO Wireless Backhaul Systems

Kazuki Maruta


This paper newly proposes a frequency domain backoff scheme dedicated to continuous beamforming space division multiple access (CB-SDMA) on massive antenna systems for wireless entrance (MAS-WE). The entrance base station (EBS) has individual base band signal processing units for respective relay stations (RSs) to be accommodated. EBS then continuously applies beamforming weight to transmission/reception signals. CB-SDMA yields virtual point-to-point backhaul link where radio resource control messages and complicated multiuser scheduling are not required. This simplified structure allows RSs to work in a distributed manner. However, one issue remains to be resolved; overloaded multiple access resulting in collision due to its random access nature. The frequency domain backoff mechanism is introduced instead of the time domain one. It can flexibly avoid co-channel interference caused by excessive spatial multiplexing. Computer simulation verifies its superiority in terms of system throughput and packet delay. 


Massive antenna systems; Massive MIMO; Wireless backhaul; Continuous beamforming; Frequency domain backoff

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