High Speed (100G) Access Networks

Tomas Horvath, Jan Chlapek, Petr Munster, Josef Vojtech, Miloslav Filka


Passive optical networks are currently the most promising solution for access networks. Increasing bandwidth requirements and big data applications need to a huge bandwidth. Nowadays, gigabit passive optical networks do not seem to be suitable for these purposes. This paper is focused ondescribing the development, parameters, and needs for HighSpeed Access Networks (such as 100G EPON). The simulationswith current wavelengths plans are presented. For simulations,we used VPITransmissionMakerTM 9.7. Our goal was to createa rudimentary bidirectional PON system with one ONU anddo several simulation scenarios by artificially increasing loss ina splitter for simulating more ONUs. Our following results consist of BER values and eye diagrams for each simulation scenario and proof that 100G EPON networks are most promising networks for the future.


Next Generation EPON; 100G EPON; VPIphotonics; simulations

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24138/jcomss.v14i3.523

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