Design of Passive RFID Sensor Tags Enhanced by a Novel Logical Communication Procedure over LLRP

Luca Catarinucci, Riccardo Colella, Luciano Tarricone


Over the past decade, electromagnetic and communication science societies, along with improving the classical RFID technology, have put in a great deal of effort in designing novel and more complex UHF RFID tags with augmented capabilities. Novel tags offer additional functionalities besides identification by embedding sensors, actuators, and processing units. In this work an enhanced version of one of such devices, called SPARTACUS, is presented. While being completely passive, it conjugates identification, sensing, local computing, and actuation control and enables a proactive communication with any standard RFID reader. The paper presents details on a novel logical communication procedure over Low Level Reader Protocol (LLRP), besides discussing system validation and performance evaluation.


Internet of Things, Sensors, LLRP, Power Management, RFID augmented Tags, UHF, Antennas.

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