The Satellite Reliable Distribution Protocol (SRDP)

Franco Tommasi, Simone Molendini, Andrea Tricco


The Satellite Reliable Distribution Protocol (SRDP) is proposed and discussed. SRDP is designed for satellite-based data broadcasting and aims at transmitting reliably multicast via satellite Internet applications’ data in an efficient and scalable way. SRDP operates in three steps, called phases. In phase 1 the sender transmits a file through the satellite internet adding a reasonable degree of redundancy. In phase 2 the sender retransmits a set of new redundant packets to recover some packets that were lost during phase 1. Phase 3 allows each receiver to request all its missing packets by a TCP connection to the sender. In order to evaluate the performance of the SRDP, we have considered two different types of loss behaviours: random and burst. Our results show how to choose the amount of redundancy in order to optimize the performance of the SRDP.


Reliable multicast, satellite, scalability

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