Transient Analysis of Grounding Systems Associated to Substation Structures under Lightning Strokes

B. Harrat, B. Nekhoul, M. Lefouili, K. Kerroum, K. El khamlichi Drissi


In this paper we propose a new formalism for analyzing the transient behavior of grounding systems associated to substation structures (Faraday-cage) under lightning strokesin unsettled regime. The protective device to study is formed of a guard filet connected to a grounding grid by simple conductors called down conductors. Our formalism is based on the resolution of the propagation equation in potential on 3D. The purpose of our proposition is the direct analyzing in time domain and simple implementation. We compare the results obtained by this new approach to results published in literature.


Faraday-cage, 3D, grounding grid, propagation equation, FDTD

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