Mobile Phones as Sources of Electromagnetic Interference

Jacek Skrzypczynski, Vesna Roje, Kurt Lamedschwandner, Sinisa Antonijevic, Cecil Stefan


The paper deals with a problem of interference as a result of the mobile phone coupling into the cabling of a complexsystem. The phenomenon has been simplified to a problem of near field coupling between a radiating antenna and a wire placed near a metal plate in an open area. Numerical simulations based on Methods of Moments have been performed for various lengths of the wire, for different distance between the wire and the plate, and for three polarizations of the antenna. The results for the voltage induced at the cable termination have been obtained while the antenna has been moving along the full length of the wire. Good agreement of the simulation results obtained bydifferent approaches and different computer codes has beenfound. The simulation results have been checked experimentally.


near field, numerical simulations, mobile phones, electromagnetic interference

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