Cross-Layer Optimization for Video-streaming Transmission with QoS over Ad Hoc Networks: A Holistic Approach

Guillermo Díaz Delgado, Víctor Carrascal Frías, Mónica Aguilar Igartua


In this paper we present ViStA-XL, a Cross-Layer (XL) design aiming to optimize the overall performance of videostreaming services over Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANETs). The idea relies on applying optimization strategies to different network layers in a holistic way. In ViStA-XL, a real-time Optimizer (XLO) periodically gathers information of the state of node and network from different layers of the stack of protocols, takes optimization decisions, and then modifies some parameters of the protocols accordingly. In addition, our proposal exploits path diversity through MM-DSR (Multipath MultimediaDynamic Source Routing) protocol as a means to reinforce the Quality of Service (QoS) provision to multi-layer encoded videostreaming applications, by protecting the most important video information packets, balancing the load and decreasing the endto-end delay. To show the advantages of our approach, we have developed and tested an algorithm based on ViStA-XL. Simulation results show that our proposed network design can improve the performance of video-streaming transmissions over MANETs in spite of frequent changes in network and node operating conditions.


Ad Hoc networks, cross-layer design, multipath routing, QoS provision, video-streaming services

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