Network Simulation and Performance Evaluation of WiMAX Extensions for Isolated Research Data Networks

Thomas Michael Bohnert, Jakub Jakubiak, Marcos Katz, Yevgeni Koucheryavy, Edmundo Monteiro, Eugen Borcoci


IEEE 802.16 is yet a very recent technology and released hardware does frequently only support standards partially. The same applies to public available simulation tools, in particular for NS-2. As the latter is the de-facto standard in science and as we use it for our research in the context of the WEIRD project, we evaluate the IEEE 802.16 support for NS-2. We present several general but also specific issues, which areimportant in order to carry out reliable research based on thesetools. In particular, we show in much detail where modulesdeviate significantly and even fail totally.


WiMAX, IEEE 802.16, NS-2, simulation, WEIRD

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