Regular and Irregular Multiple Serially- Concatenated Multiple-Parity-Check Codes for Wireless Applications

Marco Baldi, Giovanni Cancellieri, Franco Chiaraluce, Amedeo De Amicis De Amicis


Multiple Serially-Concatenated Multiple-Parity-Check (M-SC-MPC) codes are a class of structured Low-Density Parity-Check (LDPC) codes, characterized by very simple encoding, that we have recently introduced. This paper evidences how the design of M-SC-MPC codes can be optimized for their usage in wireless applications. For such purpose, we consider some Quasi-Cyclic LDPC codes included in the mobile WiMax standard, and compare their performance with that of M-SCMPC codes having the same parameters. We also present a simple modification of the inner structure of M-SC-MPC codes that can help to improve their error correction performance by introducing irregularity in the parity-check matrix and increasing the length of local cycles in the associated Tanner graph. Our results show that regular and irregular M-SC-MPC codes, so obtained, can achieve very good performance and compare favorably with standard codes.


Error Correcting Codes, Mobile WiMax, MSC- MPC Codes, QC-LDPC Codes

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