BEM Modelling of High Voltage ELF electric field applied to a 3D pregnant woman model

Cristina Peratta, Andres Peratta, Dragan Poljak


The paper introduces a three dimensional multidomainboundary element model of a pregnant woman and foetus for the analysis of exposure to high voltage extremely low frequency electric fields. The definition of the differentphysical and geometrical properties of the relevant tissues is established according to medical information available in existing literature. The model takes into account changes in geometry, body mass, body fat, and overall chemical composition in the body which influence the electrical properties, throughout the different gestational periods. The developed model is used to solve the case of exposure to overhead power transmission lines at different stages of pregnancy including weeks 8, 13, 26 and 38. The results obtained are in line with those published in the earlier works considering different approaches. In addition, a sensitivity analysis involving varying scenarios of conductivity, foetus postures and geometry for each stage is defined and solved. Finally, a correlation between the externally applied electric field and the current density inside the foetus is established and the zones of maximum exposure are identified.

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