Simulation and Measurements of Electric and Magnetic Fields of an RFID Loop Antenna Anti-Theft Gate System

Damir Senić, Dragan Poljak, Antonio Šarolić


The radiation of RFID anti-theft gate system based on two parallel coaxial square loop antennas has been analyzed.The system was simulated in FEKO and near electric andmagnetic fields have been calculated. A physical model of thesystem was realized and near magnetic field was measured.Measurement results were found to be in excellent agreementwith the simulation. The obtained simulation and measurementresults have been compared to the exposure limits given asreference levels in the ICNIRP guidelines. No violation of limitshas been shown, regarding both occupational and publicexposure.


RFID, loop antenna, gate anti-theft system, ICNIRP Guidelines, FEKO simulation, antenna measurements

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