Measurements of Antenna Parameters in GTEM Cell

Zlatko Živković, Antonio Šarolić


The paper presents the method for measuring parameters (gain, antenna factor, impedance and radiation pattern) of small antennas in GTEM cell, which is a novel method and environment for antenna measurements. In order toinvestigate the suitability of GTEM cell for this kind ofmeasurement, the measurement results for a biconical dipole, microstrip patch antennas and small loop antenna were compared with those obtained by calibration inside fully absorber lined anechoic site, two-antenna measurements and FEKO simulations. The measurements were carried out over the wide frequency range. Measurement setup was limited to small antennas that fit into the usable test volume of the GTEM cell. Different sizes that satisfy this restriction were examined. The GTEM measurement results showed considerable agreementwith compared results.


antenna measurements, GTEM cell, FEKO simulation, biconical antenna, microstrip patch antenna, small loop antenna

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