Extending Coverage of High Definition TV Services over ADSL2 with Optimized Reception Quality using H.264/AVC Transrating

Anne-Sophie Bacquet-Descamps, Patrick Corlay, François-Xavier Coudoux, Christophe Deknudt, Mohamed Gharbi


In this paper, we present a new Joint Source-Channel Coding (JSCC) architecture to extend the coverage of H.264/AVC High Definition (HD) video delivery over Digital Subscriber Line (DSL). The proposed solution combines low complexity H.264/AVC transrating as well as multi-carrier transmission and takes into account realistic ADSL2 specifications including all OSI layers. Both transrating and bit and power loading transmission parameters are automatically optimized in terms of end-user perceived quality, with respect to the characteristics of the given subscriber’s loop. Several originalities have been included: a new optimization algorithm has been developed, as well as a full rate-distortion modelling of the H.264/AVC transrater’s performances. Simulation results show that the proposed solution can extend the coverage area of HD video delivery up to more than one kilometre. It should allow the widespread distribution of HD video contents and increase the number of eligible subscribers.


ADSL2, H.264/AVC, joint source channel coding, transrating, Quality of Experience (QoE)

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24138/jcomss.v8i3.168

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