A Simulation Platform for Evaluating RFID and WSN’s Energy Efficiencies

Adnan Nasir, Boon Hee Soong


Advances in the wireless, RFID and sensor technologies has given rise to a plethora of diverse WSN motes that can be used in association with numerous applications. Experimenting with new MAC algorithms and various functionalities on a real sensor network to obtain energy efficiency is both time consuming and expensive especially when these different mote platforms are deployed in one application. Generally Simulators are used to approximate the performance of MAC protocols. Out of the numerous simulators available, none can simulate the energy efficiencies given different types of motes and environments in one application. Hence, the need of a simulation platform for a mix deployment of different types of WSNs and RFIDs is felt to access application performance requirements while curtailing energy consumption to enhance application lifetime. In this paper, we presents an extension of our effort EnergySim [1], which is a simulation platform developed dedicatedly for evaluating energy efficiencies. In this paper we have discussed the simulation modes, methodology and architecture of our proposed simulator with some future extensions presented at the end of the paper.


simulator; wireless sensor networks; RFID, energy efficiency; multi-environments simulation; MAC protocols

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24138/jcomss.v9i3.148

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