Block-Type Pilot Arrangement with Alternating Polarity for ICI Mitigation in Mobile OFDM Systems

Titiek Suryani, Gamantyo Hendrantoro


Improvement on Inter Carrier Interference (ICI)mitigation techniques for OFDM caused by Doppler effectsthrough minimizing channel estimation error and decreasingchannel time varying rate is investigated. The performanceof pilot-aided channel estimation techniques depends on pilot placement and arrangement and also on the channel time varying rate. The block-type and comb-type pilot arrangements are studied through different numbers of guard bands, with or without the involvement of the Doppler shift compensation. The estimation of channel at mid-point of each OFDM symbol is derived from pilot frequencies based on the least square algorithm while the channel interpolation is done using piecewise linear approximation. For ICI mitigation technique we implement frequency domain zero forcing equalizer. We compare the performance of schemes with different pilot arrangementsand Doppler shift compensations by measuring bit error rate with QPSK as sub-channel modulation scheme and with mobileto-fixed of single ring scattering as channel model. The results are in favour of block-type pilot arrangements with alternating polarity and Doppler compensation of 0:55 times the maximum Doppler shift.


pilot tones, OFDM, Doppler, Inter-carrier Interference

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