AODV-UI Proof of Concept on MIPS-based Wireless Router

B. Anantasatya Adhi, Ruki Harwahyu, Abdusy Syarif, Harris Simaremare, R. Fitri Sari, Pascal Lorenz


AODV routing protocol facilitates changing and simple-to-setup network environment. It helps setting up a network without sufficient infrastructure, such as in disaster area. Development of AODV protocol has gathered a worldwide research interest. However, not many researches implement AODV routing protocol in real mobile nodes and real MANET. In addition, real implementation deals with other works concerning underlying protocol, firmware and hardware configuration, as well as detailed topology both in logical and physical arrangement. This work aims to implements Ad-hoc On-demand Distant Vector – particularly University of Indonesia AODV (AODV-UI) routing protocol on low-end inexpensive generic wireless routers as a proof of concept. AODV-UI is an improved version of AODV routing protocol that implements gateway interconnection and reverse route capability. This routing protocol has been previously successfully tested in NS-2. In this work, current AODV-UI protocol is ported to OpenWRT + MIPS (Microprocessor without Interlocked Pipeline Stages) little endian architecture then tested on the real networking environment. Underlying media access layer is also altered to provide the protocol greater control over the network. Performance of this implementation is measured in terms of energy consumption, routing overhead, end-to-end delay, protocol reliability and packet delivery ratio.


AODV-UI, MIPS, OpenWRT, embedded wireless router

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