Discovery and Mash-up of Physical Resources through a Web of Things Architecture

Luca Mainetti, Vincenzo Mighali, Luigi Patrono, Piercosimo Rametta


The Internet of Things has focused on new systems, the so-called smart things, to integrate the physical world with the virtual world by exploiting the network architecture of the Internet. However, defining applications on top of smart things is mainly reserved to system experts, since it requires a thorough knowledge of hardware platforms and some specific programming languages. Furthermore, a common infrastructure to publish and share resource information is also needed. In this paper, we propose a software architecture that simplifies the visual development and execution of mash-up applications based on smart things, exploiting Internet Web protocols and their ubiquitous availability even on constrained devices. We have developed a distributed architecture that allows to create and control mash-up applications in an easy and scalable way, without specific knowledge on both hardware and programming languages. In addition, we have also defined a centralized public database deployed on the Internet, to manage and share physical resource information. The effectiveness of the proposed framework has been tested through a real use case and experimental results have demonstrated the validity of the whole system.


CoAP, Mash-up, REST, WoT, WSN, Resource discovery

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