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The Journal of Communications Software and Systems (JCOMSS) focuses on high-quality, internationally reviewed papers, that advance the state-of-art and applications in communications software engineering and communications systems particularly including new technologies, methods and algorithms, as well as reports on experiments with analysis of performances, and prototypes. The subjects covered by this journal include all aspects in communications software and systems in wired and wireless communications and multimedia technologies that have a significant potential to impact the enormous technical and commercial opportunities in the ICT sector. The journal is particularly interested in research results that add to the scientific understanding of the impacts that communication software engineering can have on systems and services management, quality control and reliability issues. The aim is to give opportunity the reader to benefit from experience, problems and solution described.

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Open Call articles

Special Issue on Smart Cities: Multidisciplinary Approach

Special Issue on Computer Science and Renewable Energies

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The content of the upcoming issue Vol 15, No 2 will be completed by June 15, 2019. New paper(s) will be added to the list below after its acceptance.
Posted: 2018-10-05
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Vol 15, No 2 (2019):

- in preparation

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Open Call Articles

Ishu Gupta, Niharika Singh, Ashutosh Kumar Singh

Special Issue on Smart Cities: Multidisciplinary Approach

Miguel Antonio Wister, Pablo Pancardo, Pablo Payro
Ivan Ramljak, Drago Bago
Leonardo Pantoli, Gianluca Barile, Alfiero Leoni, Mirco Muttillo, Vincenzo Stornelli
Alfiero Leoni, Vincenzo Stornelli, Giuseppe Ferri, Giancarlo Orengo, Vito Errico, Antonio Pallotti, Giovanni Saggio
Marco Alessi, Alessio Camillò, Enza Giangreco, Marco Matera, Stefano Pino, Davide Storelli